Calibration Reports & Statements of Accuracy/Traceability are Not the Same

Calibration of an instrument involves checking the instrument under magnification for any defects – cracks, impurities, etc that may impair the functionality of the instrument. Your instrument will be compared to NIST traceable standard instruments at the specified test points in accordance with the aforementioned test procedures.

A signed and laminated Calibration Report will be issued showing the results of the test meeting the quality and record keeping requirements for ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9000 and FDA. A Calibration Report specifies corrections at specific points.

A Statement of Accuracy/Traceability accompanies most instruments and states that it was tested against a reference standard and was found to have accuracy within the specification for that type of instrument – it meets conformance standards.


Sample Calibration Report
(click on image for Sample Calibration Report in PDF format)

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