Calibration Reports Accuracy

Calibration Reports & Statements of Accuracy/Traceability are Not the Same

Calibration of an instrument involves checking the instrument under magnification for any defects – cracks, impurities, etc that may impair the functionality of the instrument. Your instrument will be compared to NIST and DKD/PTB certified standards at the specified test points in accordance with the aforementioned test procedures and methods.

A signed and laminated Calibration Report will be issued showing the results of the test meeting the quality and record keeping requirements for ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9000 and FDA.A Calibration Report, specifies corrections at specific points.

A Statement of Accuracy/Traceability accompanies most instruments and states that it was tested against a reference standard and was found to have accuracy within the specification for that type of instrument – it meets conformance standards.

Image: H-B Instrument Thermometer Calibration Report

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